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Why we created whiteballoon

The idea of whiteballoon grew out of our own experiences as well as those of family and friends. In the days following a bereavement, when it can be hard even to function, let alone make decisions, we saw a need for an easily accessible, on-line resource that brought everything together in one place. 

whiteballoon is a quiet space where people can reflect, gather their thoughts and make informed decisions about how best to honour and celebrate the life of their loved one. We want to make it as simple as possible to discover the many different ways to say goodbye and to find and connect with caring and compassionate individuals and organisations that can help every step of the way. 

How whiteballoon can help

If you are visiting whiteballoon because you are are bereaved, please accept our condolences. We hope that you find whiteballoon helpful at this difficult time. As well as comprehensive information about what to do when someone dies and for planning a funeral or celebration of life, we have Planning Tools for gathering and sharing information, beautiful Inspiration pages, and a Bereavement Support section with links to support groups, podcasts and blogs. Accessing all of the information, including the Planning Tools, is completely free for visitors to whiteballoon. 

Our Values & Beliefs

whiteballoon is founded on a number of values and beliefs that guide all that we do…

Every Life is Unique – funerals that are meaningful and that reflect this can be a positive reminder of the person who has died and can help with the grieving process.

Everyone is Welcome – we welcome all faiths and beliefs, and we celebrate individuality.

Transparency & Choice – to provide a reliable source of information and inspiration to enable everyone to make the right decisions for their loved ones and themselves. To give people agency and a greater sense of control.

Compassionate Community – to create a caring and compassionate community where people will feel seen, supported and understood by working with like-minded and collaborative partners who have integrity, are kind, honest, transparent and offer excellent service.

Healthy People & Planet – highlighting and championing the importance of self-care at the most challenging times of people’s lives. Treading lightly and doing as little harm and as much good for the planet as we possibly can.

Open Conversations – it’s tempting to ignore difficult conversation but we believe that talking about death and dying, and sharing end of life and funeral wishes, can make what is always a difficult time that little bit easier.

Helping those who are helping you

Supporting the invaluable work of charitable organisations in this field is important to us. We have pledged to share a minimum of 10% of our net profits each year between our chosen charities, The Good Grief Trust, Hope Again and The Royal Trinity Hospice, and we look forward to helping many more charities as we grow.

And finally…

The most important thing to say is that it’s not about us. It’s about the family and friends who rally around; it’s about the faith leaders, funeral directors and celebrants who provide comfort, guidance and support; it’s about the charities and support systems that are always there in times of need; and it’s about the thousands of craftspeople, individuals and businesses, big and small, who provide goods and services that might just make someone feel a little bit better when a loved-one dies.

Thank you for visiting whiteballoon.

The whiteballoon team


Amanda German, Pippa Adams & Tracey Norris

whiteballoon® | e: [email protected] | t: 0203 904 4848

Registered office: Suite 501, The Nexus Building, Broadway, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire SG6 9BL
whiteballoon Ltd trading as whiteballoon is a registered company in England and Wales
Company Number: 11403713 | VAT Number: 309 8344 86

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