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What is Reflexology & Massage?

Reflexology has been practiced for over 5000 years and is based on the premise that every area of your body is linked with a corresponding area on your foot. Reflexology involves applying gentle pressure to an area of the foot, or sometimes the hands, which then has a positive impact on a specific part of your body.

Massage is a very simple treatment that involves kneading, pressing, tapping or stroking the muscles and soft tissues to help you to relax, reduce tension and improve circulation. Grief massage is a form of gentle massage that focuses entirely on relaxation, rather than treating a physical symptom.

With Shiatsu, gentle pressure is applied by a practitioner to specific points on your body, using their hands, elbows and even sometimes their feet. Shiatsu can help to balance the levels of energy in your body, reduce pain and stress, aid digestion and improve general wellbeing.

The Benefits of Reflexology & Massage

Your body normally has the natural ability to heal itself. However, during times of prolonged stress, or following a trauma such as a bereavement, energy flows may become blocked and this can cause a state of imbalance in your body. Reflexology can help to release these blockages, restoring and supporting your natural balance. It can also be a gentle way to introduce touch following a bereavement.

Massage, Grief massage, Shiatsu, and other massage therapies all give you much-needed time for yourself, can help you to relax and to clear your mind.

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