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As well as the traditional black hearse, there is now an enormous range of funeral transport available. Electric cars for the eco-conscious, vehicles in all manner of colours, shapes and sizes, motorbikes and sidecars, or even a bright red fire engine.

Morris Minor Hearse
A beautiful, old-fashioned Morris Minor hearse. (Image: Mortons Funeral Fire)

    Mobility Vehicle
    Because limousines aren’t suitable for everyone, J Brown Funeral Services offer a mobility vehicle for those that need it. (Image: J Brown Funeral Services)

      Poppy’s Mercedes Hearse

      Poppy’s in London provide a fresh, modern approach to funerals and can help you with every aspect of a funeral or celebration of life, including …

        Bright & Bold

        A bright and bold alternative for a colourful personality.

          Rolls Royce Phantom VII Hearse

          This traditional design Rolls-Royce from AW Lymn is available with matching limousines.

            Triumph Bonneville


            A quintessential British bike, popular with the broadest spectrum of motorcycle enthusiasts.

              ‘Green’ Transport
              Electric hearses are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for a funeral. To find providers that can help you, please go to Transport. For information about planning a funeral …

                Fully-electric Tesler Hearse
                Clean, quiet, stylish – The Wisper, a zero-emission, fully electric Tesler hearse. (Image: Colman Milne)

                  A Classic Chevrolet
                  A classic 1949 chevrolet pick up; for someone who loved the outside. (Image: Classic Hearse Hire)

                    Land Rover Hearse
                    A fitting final journey for Land Rover and countryside enthusiasts. (Image: Land Rover Hearse)

                      Full Length Trike Hearse


                      Britain’s first full length hearse for the true trike enthusiast.

                        Vintage Funeral Hearse
                        Built in the 1920’s, this wonderful vintage funeral hearse has been in their family for five generations. (Image: Vintage Funeral Hearse)

                          VW Van
                          VW Vans – for traditional funerals, life celebrations, or for those who had a sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors. (Image: Mortons Funeral …

                            Fire Engine Hearse
                            Classic Fire Engines provide an exquisite range of genuine vintage and contemporary fire engines for funerals. (Image: Classic Fire Engines)

                              Electric Assisted Cycle Hearse
                              There are a growing number of eco-friendly hearses and transport options for funerals, including this wonderful electric assisted cycle hearse. To find providers that can help …

                                Compact Electric Hearse


                                Go green with Full Circle Funerals’ compact and understated fully electric hearse.

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