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This week on WHITEBALLOON INSIGHTS we hear from Clive about the power of poetry to move, comfort and inspire.

Q: As a writer and poet, I imagine that your love for the written word drew you to this field, but tell us a bit about the journey that led you to Rhymes For Times?

A: Creating poetry was initially a way of expressing my emotions following the breakup of a romantic relationship. This process of expression was very cathartic and helped me navigate through that difficult period of my life with positivity. The poetry was inspired by love and published in a book entitled “A Rhyming Explosion of Love and Emotion”, which not only explored the positive experiences from love but also the heartache and pain associated with relationships through difficult times. It was written to inspire others and give them hope, belief and the strength to never give up.

This desire to help others led to the creation of Rhymes For Times, which offers clients the opportunity to commission a rhyming poem that is entirely bespoke and tailored to their specific needs for any special occasion or life event. Poetry has always had the power to move people in ways that few other forms of communication can, and it is incredibly rewarding to see the impact that a well-crafted, unique, and meaningful poem from Rhymes For Times can have on someone’s life.

Q: Does the inspiration for poems come quite easily to you, or is it more that the people that you are writing for provide the inspiration and you channel it onto the page?

A: In general, the inspiration for writing poems comes through being attentive to the needs of my clients. The more information any client can provide, the easier it is to create a truly personal poem that will capture the essence of a person with compassion in just a few carefully chosen words. The skill is being able to arrange the poem in a way that tells a story, whilst maintaining a sense of rhythm, and ensuring that the rhymes feel natural and the poem flows smoothly and effectively.

Q: You write poems for all sorts of life events and special occasions, both happy and sad. Do you find it quite easy to switch between these?

A: Whilst writing about sad events and occasions requires a different emotional and linguistic approach to that associated with joyous occasions, switching between different tones and emotions in my writing tends to come quite naturally to me. This is largely because each client receives my undivided attention and benefits from my ability to tap into their emotions and experiences regardless of the occasion.

Q: There are many types of poetic form. Do you find that any one style comes more easily to you?

A: Rhyming poetry is my preferred style and the style which I offer my clients. With a love of music and singing, I have a strong sense of rhythm, which helps create a predictable pattern of sound and can provide a sense of musicality to my work.

Q: How long does the process usually take and what is involved?

A: When any client commissions a poem, I send them a brief questionnaire to ascertain the personal information that they would like included in the poem, along with their completion target date and preferred tone, whether heartfelt, humorous, or otherwise. On receipt of those details, I commence work on the poem, which typically takes just a matter of days to complete depending on the length of the poem required.

At any time following completion, the client has the option to suggest any changes to the poem, in which event I work with them until they are fully satisfied. I have a proven track record of working closely with my clients to create poetry that is both beautiful and meaningful and am committed to delivering a finished product that meets and exceeds my clients’ expectations.

Q: You also offer framing, scroll and calligraphy services. In the era of the computer and internet, I think there must be something very special about receiving a beautiful, hand-calligraphed version of the poem?

A: The physical presence of a poem gives the work a sense of tangibility that may be lost in a digital format, making the experience of reading the poem more immersive and engaging and adding to the overall impact of the work. Rhymes For Times offers to enhance any poem through beautiful handwritten calligraphy, as well as framed or scrolled presentation, bringing depth, meaning, and aesthetic appeal to the poem and making it more memorable for readers. The use of any one of these presentation mediums is a special way to commemorate a significant event or occasion and serves as a lasting keepsake. At times of loss, many clients choose to display their custom poems in their homes or to share them with family and friends as a way of keeping their loved one’s memory alive.

Q: And finally, I am sure that as an avid writer, you are also an enthusiastic reader. What books or writers have most inspired you?

A: Modern poets tend to inspire me as they often tap into universal emotions and experiences. By exploring these emotions through poetry, they give me a deeper understanding of my own feelings and experiences. Two of my favourite modern poets are Atticus, whose poems often deal with themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, and Melissa M. Combs, who tells of her stories through the medium of poetry to inspire others and to give back to the world. But, with an eclectic taste in music, much of my poetic influence is drawn from the lyrics and imagery of songs by numerous artists.

Thank you Clive for sharing these insights

If you would like to find out more, please visit Rhymes for Times.

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