Empowering society to talk openly about death, grief and funerals

Don't Tell the Children by John Adams with Clare Shaw tackles the taboo around discussing death and funerals, particularly with young children.  John and Clare's experience of losing someone close to them at a young age is the driving force that has given them a shared passion to use their expertise and knowledge to help others.

This wonderful book is packed with useful advice and information, including responses to questions young children might ask after someone dies, and ideas for how to create connection points to enable children to feel involved in the funeral ceremony.  It also discusses learning about death, dying and bereavement in schools.

The Lived Experiences section provides some very wise words indeed, and valuable insights and reflections from people who have been bereaved and who want to share some of what they have learnt.

John, a 4th generation funeral director, and Clare, an author of mental wellbeing books for children and teens, offer practical and professional advice based on their many years' experience.  Clear and concise, this is a book for anyone who seeks to understand how to better talk openly about death, grief and funerals.

As John says, 'Remember, discussing death and grief with children is not about overwhelming them with darkness, but rather about providing them with the tools to find light, strength, and healing in the face of loss.  The more we normalise these conversations, the easier we, and future generations, will find them.'

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