Meet Me There

On the happy, golden shore,
Where the faithful part no more,
When the storms of life are o’er
Meet me there,
Where the night dissolves away
Into pure and perfect day,
I am going home to stay,

Meet me there, meet me there,
Where the tree of life is blooming,
Meet me there,
When the storms of life are o’er,
On the happy, golden shore,
Where the faithful part no more,
Meet me there. 

Here our fondest hopes are vain,
Dearest links are rent in twain,
But in heav’n no throb of pain,
Meet me there,
By the river sparkling bright,
In the city of delight,
Where our faith is lost in sight,
Meet me there.

Where the harps of angels ring,
And the blest forever sing,
In the palace of the King, meet me there,
Where in sweet communion blend
Heart with heart, and friend with friend,
In a world that ne’er shall end,
Meet me there.


F J Crosby (1820-1915)
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