A Certain Type of Quiet

There's a certain type of quiet
In the room wherein you rest
A closure of the eyelids and a flutter of the chest
The days are slowly fading yet the nights - such agitation
Time feels almost circular with nurses on rotation

We pad around on noiseless feet
We soothe and hold your hand
We don't know how to do this, but we're doing what we can
It's so hard to watch you suffer - to recede and fade away
And we don't know how to tell you, but we promise it's ok

It's ok to fall in dreamless sleep
To rise and float and fade
There's always one of us nearby, no need to be afraid
We love you and our hearts are full of times we spent together
So many to remember, to cherish and to treasure

So go on with all our blessings
To your heavenly abode
They're waiting for you, arms outstretched, with love that overflows

There's a certain type of quiet
In the room wherein you rest
A calm and peaceful quiet that whispers
"Goodnight" and "God Bless".



Rosie Waspe

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