ARKA Acorn Urns

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ARKA Acorn Urns

ARKA Acorn Urns - an imaginatively designed lid and base, created from moulded, recycled kraft and paper and topped with a stalk, crafted from a twist of tissue paper.

Made in the UK and finished with mulberry paper, ARKA Acorn Urns are supplied individually boxed and are ideal for the storage, or burial, of ashes.

Light weight (approx 260g) and fully biodegradable, the urn base stands 22cm tall with a 19cm diameter top, creating a 4 litre volume.

Available in a choice of 8 finishes - Moss Green, Dark Green, Stone, Russet, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise and Dutch Gold Leaf.

A 100% cotton, draw string ashes bag can be supplied as an optional extra.

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