Eternal Tide Memorial Art


Eternal Tide Memorial Art

Eternal Tide | Ashes Memorialised In Art

We create one of a kind Art from your loved ones ashes. Many people spend their lives drawn to the sea, our memorial paintings can be the perfect way to honour that love for the ocean after they’ve passed. Our paintings are created on the highest quality solid birch wood. Your loved ones ashes suggestively resemble sand under a resin tide for an eternal memory.

We only require a small fraction of ashes to go in the memorial art. Forever keeping a piece of your dearest with you to cherish forever. This means the majority of the ashes can still be used for other things, like scattering at a special place, if you wish.

At Eternal Tide we take care of every stage of the process for you. We will provide peace of mind and sensitivity throughout, to create your truly unique memorial painting.

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