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Wesley Offshore

Wesley Offshore is dedicated to Scattering of Ashes from ex-RNLI Lifeboats either at sea or on the river. Both Attended or Unattended services are available including Anniversary & Memorial trips.

Friends and relatives ashore may follow the proceedings as they happen through our livestream webcast. A recording of the Service remains on-demand through our portal for the next seven days and we can even make a lasting memento of the occasion by way of a digital download, USB, or DVD recording.

Services Include:

  • Live video streaming of your event to friends around the world.
  • Visual tributes – professionally produced life tributes prepared in their studios – may be constructed from video, photos and images overlaid with your choice of music to be shown on screen during your trip.
  • Audio/visual recording of your ceremony will be available to share with family and friends.
  • Your choice of flowers, urns & memorabilia to take away with you as a lasting memory of the day’s events.


Our History

Wesley Offshore is part of The Wesley Group. Wesley Media launched in the mid-1990s with a team of audio experts and a commitment to providing the ideal music for truly personal and unique ceremonies, across any genre and any origin. Since then, we have developed our offering and expanded our knowledge to culminate in an impressive range of solutions which includes vast music and video libraries, bespoke visual tributes, webcasts (broadcasts/streaming) and professional recordings, all bound together by our unique software specifically created for use in ceremony venues. We have always recognised the importance of a seamless and memorable service for everybody involved, whether that be families, loved-ones, or industry professionals. It’s why we take a completely customer-focused approach in all that we do. We also provide unparalleled music and visual software via a full suite of high-quality AV systems.

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