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Saying Goodbye in Your Own Special Way

How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to say goodbye to those you love? Planning your funeral allows you to create an occasion that fully reflects both you and your life – your character, the people, places and things both big and small that touched you or gave your life meaning.

It can also be comforting for those you leave behind to know that they are following your wishes and saying farewell in the way you wanted. 

Other Things to Consider

Do you want to leave messages for your loved ones, or store photographs and information which is particularly important to you? Or, if you are well enough, do you want a chance to celebrate your life and say goodbye in person?

Gathering, Recording and Sharing Information

The whiteballoon Letter of Funeral Wishes and personalised Ideas Folder help you to gather, save and, when the time is right, share information. To use these FREE planning tools simply Register here.

Other Useful Information

To find ideas and inspiration for funeral services choices, such as poems, readings and music, or for other items such as flowers and funeral stationery, please see Inspiration.

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