Preparing a Letter of Funeral Wishes

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Keeping a Record of Your Wishes

It can be reassuring for family and friends to know your wishes. Gathering ideas and information together in advance means that they will have a record of what you want and can, as much as is practicable, follow those wishes.

It may be a folder where you keep clippings of poems or readings you like. Or a list of possible music or hymns. If you have strong feelings about the clothes you would like to be dressed in or the type and ‘feel’ of the service, you can record that too.

Letter of Funeral Wishes

The whiteballoon Letter of Funeral Wishes is a template that you can print out and fill in by hand. Add as much or as little details as you wish and keep it with other important documentation. Make sure that you let someone close to you know of its existence.

Ideas Folder

The whiteballoon Ideas Folder may also be useful. This allows you to ‘heart’ and save items from our Inspiration sections. It may be a poem you like or a particular piece of music. There are photos of floral arrangements, coffins and urns or other personal touches.

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Again, when completed, please print this document and keep it with other important documentation and let someone close to you know of its existence.

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