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What is a Digital Locker?

Have you thought about how those closest to you will find or access important documentation relating to your estate? It’s a question that often lingers in our minds, yet few of us take concrete action.

One solution may be an online digital lockers service, which can provide a secure place to store information and control your digital assets, and in turn your digital legacy. This innovative solution ensures that your digital estate and important documentation is managed and protected long after you’ve departed this world.

Also known as ‘smart lockers’, digital lockers offer a seamless and easy way to safeguard your online legacy, bringing peace of mind not only to you but also to your loved ones. In a world where our digital lives are becoming increasingly important, it’s crucial to plan for the future and ensure that precious memories and valuable information are well-preserved.

What Can I Store in a Digital Locker?

There are a number of companies that provide digital lockers. The service they offer varies and it is important to do your homework before deciding who to use. Here are some of the assets they can securely house:

  • Important documents – gather important documentation together, such as property deeds, your Will, bank and insurance details. Having everything in one place makes it easier for you or for those administering your estate.
  • Letter of wishes – record extra details beyond what you have specified in your Will, such as what should happen to smaller personal and sentimental items.
  • Letter of funeral wishes – so that those closest to you know your funeral choices.
  • Personal audio and video messages – leave recorded messages for your loved ones to listen to or watch.
  • Life stories – when we die, much of our history dies with us. Keep a record of your life for future generations to read.
  • Photos and videos – create a visual history by keeping copies of your favourite photos and family videos.
  • Your music library – create a compilation with favourite and meaningful songs and music.
  • Online memorial – an online memorial site allows friends and family to post and share messages, stories and photographs after you have gone.

With a digital locker, you can now embrace a digital era where sentimental memories and vital information can be saved securely and accessed by your loved ones after you have gone.

Safeguard your treasured family photos, protect those crucial legal documents, and secure your irreplaceable videos and recordings. The possibilities are limitless, and the essence of your legacy will be forever preserved in the realm of digital.

Discover the Convenience and Accessibility of Online Storage

Saving information and files digitally means that they can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and by anyone who has the authority to do so. It also makes organising, updating and editing information simpler too. You can:

  • Access – access your files from anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring that your precious memories are always within reach.
  • Sharing – share selected files among friends, family, or colleagues, fostering connection even in your absence.
  • Organisation – efficiently arrange your digital assets, creating a comprehensive and well-organised digital filing cabinet containing multiple aspects of your life.

The beauty of online storage lies in its ability to transcend physical boundaries. Your digital treasures can now accompany you wherever you go, and the cherished moments you’ve captured can be shared with those who matter most.

Ensure the Safekeeping of Your Stored Items

In the digital realm, security is of the utmost importance. A reputable digital locker should come fortified with robust security measures, guaranteeing the protection of your sensitive data:

  • Encryption and password management – essential to ensure only authorised individuals can access your treasured digital assets.
  • Regular backups – to shield your files from hardware failure or unforeseen accidents, preserving your memories for eternity.

Pros and Cons of Different Digital Lockers

As you research the various options available, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of various platforms, for each carries its unique features:

  • Security – stands as the paramount concern, and some digital lockers boast robust encryption and password management protocols that shield your files from the eyes of the unauthorised.
  • Features – these vary among different platforms, and you should assess which ones align with your needs, from housing a range of important documents to hosting your online memorial, file syncing to automatic backups and password managers.
  • Pricing structures – these differ significantly, and your budget and storage requirements should guide you in selecting a digital vault that suits your financial constraints.
  • Encryption – remains a key aspect of digital security, so seek platforms that utilise advanced algorithms to safeguard your data.
  • User-friendliness – this plays a vital role in your digital journey, so choose a platform with an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates with your devices.
  • Compatibility with devices – is essential, so ensure that your chosen digital lockers aligns with your smartphones, tablets, and computers.

By assessing these factors, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision, one that aligns with personal preferences and your security needs.

Safeguarding Your Digital Locker: How to Prepare and Protect

In the realm of digital lockers proactive steps are essential to safeguard your valuable assets from unauthorised access or loss.

  • Implement strong password security practices – create a robust password with varied characters, use two-factor authentication, and ensure there are regular backups to maintain the security of your digital locker content.
  • Privacy settings – education on privacy settings across various online platforms is key, enabling you to make informed decisions about who has access to your information and content.
  • Planning ahead – having a plan for your end-of-life digital locker service is vital. Leave instructions on how your digital profile and assets should be handled after you die. Consider providing information on how to access important accounts and whether you wish for them to be transferred or deleted.
  • Inform trusted individuals – think about the transition of ownership or deletion of your digital estate. Appoint a digital legacy contact and clearly outline your wishes regarding access to specific files or internet accounts. Make sure trusted individuals are aware of your plan and where they can find the necessary documentation.
  • Critical paperwork – ensure critical paperwork, like Wills, health directives, and powers of attorney, is in place and securely stored, ensuring easy access when needed.

By taking these proactive measures, your digital locker and its contents will be in safe hands, bringing peace of mind to both you and your family. Plan ahead and make your digital presence a testament to your life, leaving behind an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Password Security: Best Practices for Protecting Your Digital Assets

In the vast digital landscape, securing your internet accounts is essential. Uphold password security best practices for optimal protection of your digital locker and its content:

  • Craft strong and unique passwords – steer clear of common or easily guessable phrases or personal details. Include complexity in your passwords by amalgamating uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Adopt the practice of using distinct passwords for each account, reducing the risk of multiple accounts being compromised.
  • Utilise password management – password mangers are trustworthy tools that safely store and generate complex passwords.
  • Regularly update passwords – especially after potential security breaches or incidents.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) – use this whenever possible, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Secure your email account – recognising its role as a gateway to various digital services. Fortify it with a robust password and enable additional security measures such as 2FA. Exercise caution when sharing sensitive information via email, steering clear of suspicious links or attachments.

For those unfamiliar with the digital realm, there is a great deal of information here to absorb. If you feel out of your depth, try to enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member to assist you in your decision making and in setting up the locker.

Many of the smart locker services available are intuitive and easy to use, and any reputable organisation will have good support services to help you through the set up process.

The range of services will vary, so it is important to consider your needs, and research the companies thoroughly before you commit.

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