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Support When Preparing for Life’s End

Everyone, no matter who they are or why their life expectancy may be limited, should get the best possible care at the end of their life. Whether it is emotional, practical, or medical support, there are organisations out there that can help. These organisations understand what someone with a life-limiting condition is going through and can provide, or point them towards, the right help and services.

Coping With Living Bereavement

What do we mean by ‘Living Bereavement’?

As grief psychotherapist Julia Samuel says ‘Grief starts at the point of diagnosis, when we can no longer assume, as most of us do, that we are going to continue to live for the foreseeable future’. 

Living with the knowledge that our time on earth, or that of a loved one, is shorter than we thought it was going to be can seem unbearable, but finding the right support may help to ease some of the pain and distress.

Where to Find Support


There is an extensive network of hospices throughout the United Kingdom.  Hospice UK, the national charity working for those experiencing dying, death and bereavement, has a list of hospice members and other partners who work in end of life care.

End of Life Doulas and Soul Midwives

With medical services and professionals stretched to the limit, it is not always possible for them to give patients the extra care, support and information they need when they are facing the end of their life.  An End of Life Doula or Soul Midwife can fill this void.

End of Life Support for People with Learning Disabilities

The Victoria and Stuart Project is about finding the best ways to help people with learning disabilities plan for the end of their life. They want to make sure that people with learning disabilities get the right care and support when they are ill and going to die.

The project provides a toolkit and useful resources for end-of-life planning, including links to videos, books, guides and much more.

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