Gareth Mitchell – tree2mydoor

Gareth Mitchell from tree2mydoor

This week on WHITEBALLOON INSIGHTS we loved hearing from Gareth Mitchell from tree2mydoor about the power of trees and plants to bring comfort to those who are grieving.

Q: tree2mydoor was established over 20 years ago, which you must be very proud of. What inspired you to create tree2mydoor in the first place? 

I was living and working in London and I wanted to send my parents a lasting gift of garden fruit trees to their door in Northern Ireland. After being unable to find a company that would provide a gifting service like this, I decided to set up a business that would do just that and tree2mydoor was born.

Q: You must have seen many changes during this time. How have the types of trees, gifts and plants you offer expanded and evolved over the years? 

Initially, we started with our Ancient Wisdom native tree range. A small range of Native British Trees designed to uncover the ancient lore and traditional meanings known by our ancestors. The range developed and won a major gift award and we then developed more ranges of trees, rose bushes and seed gifts to offer options to a wider customer base.

Q: We love your Memorial Tree Gift Pack. What a beautiful way for families and friends to remember a loved one. Can you tell us a bit about the symbolic meanings of some of the native saplings you offer?

Our Memorial Tree Gift Pack kit allows you to select one native British sapling to be sent out with the pack. Customers often choose the tree based on the ancient lore and meaning behind it. For example, the wild apple tree (also known as the Crab Apple tree) is known as the ‘Tree of Love’, while the Rowan tree is symbolic of connection, courage, and protection. As small native trees, these emotional and practical elements make them a very popular choice for our Memorial tree gift packs. 

Q: And can you tell us about creating a memorial garden to celebrate the life of a loved one, it is such a lovely idea.

More and more people are opting for more basic funeral packages and, in turn, are concentrating on creating special private places in their garden, or the garden of a family member to remember their loved ones. These gardens can be planted with trees, and shrubs that will attract birds, insects or bees. There is something much emotionally deeper and even spiritual that planting a memorial garden gives a family that you just won’t get from the average funeral goods that are the norm in the UK today.

Q: You also offer eco-friendly corporate gifts for events such as weddings, retirement and  anniversaries. As people have become increasingly mindful of the environment have you seen a growing demand for more ethical gifts? 

Tree2mydoor has always been ahead of the curve, and we now benefit from an enviable position in the UK gift industry. We have provided brilliant corporate gift solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world. We’ve worked with big consumer brands such as Innocent Drinks, The Nationwide Building Society, Regatta and Britvic. We find that, generally, Marketing Teams contact us with a very vague idea, so we pitch a handful of often mad ideas back and they choose one that really makes a lasting positive impact on customers or staff. Ethical gifting is at the tip of everyone’s minds and it’s becoming much more of a requirement for businesses of all sizes now which is brilliant to see.

Q: You are based in Manchester but cover the whole of the UK. What is your vision for Tree2Mydoor over the coming years?

Tree2mydoor is currently planning further expansion in the UK with new product ranges for online sale and via high street partners (including funeral directors). We are exploring options for international brand development in the EU and North American markets.

Q: And finally, trees and nature are obviously an important part of your life, but when you are not outdoors, is there a favourite book or film you like to relax with at the end of the day?

One of my most favourite books is The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane.

Thank you Gareth for sharing your insights.

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