How to Plan a Funeral

Information and Ideas for Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral after the death of a loved one can feel overwhelming. There is a great deal to do in a short space of time. Our Information section takes you through the process, step-by-step, and the Inspiration section has lots of ideas for everything from music choices and readings to coffins, flowers and types of transport.

Planning Tools to Help You Gather and Share Information

The whiteballoon Checklists below provide a printable summary of the things you may need to do or think about.

Our helpful Planning Tools make keeping track of everything so much easier. Create a personal Ideas Folder in which to save ideas and choices. This can be printed out or shared digitally with those closest to you or with your funeral director.

The Budget Planner and Attendees Form help you to record and keep track of costs and numbers attending.

These are completely free to use. Just Register and Login to securely save information to your account.

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