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The Cost of a Funeral Service

How we say goodbye to and mark the death of a loved one is an important and emotive choice. Whilst it can feel uncomfortable to consider cost when arranging a service, funerals can be expensive so it is important to think carefully about a budget, how payments will be met and by whom.

The whiteballoon Budget Planner in the Planning Tools section can help you to keep track of what you are spending.

How to Reduce Costs and Where to Find Support

Funerals are often an unexpected, and often an unaccounted for, expense. There are many ways to keep costs down and there are also organisations which offer financial support.

Planning Tools to Help You Gather and Share Information

The whiteballoon Checklists below provide a printable summary of the things you may need to do or think about.

Other helpful Planning Tools, such as the Ideas Folder, in which to save images and information, the Budget Planner and Attendees Form make keeping track of information and tasks so much easier.

These are completely free to use. Just Register and Login to save information securely to your account.

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