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Government Support

If you or the deceased person had some form of government support, the Department of Work & Pensions may approve a Funeral Expenses Payment. This is a one-off grant is available in England and Wales and will have to be paid back from their estate if there are sufficient funds. For further details, see the Government information on funeral payments..

A similar scheme is available in Ireland and there is a Funeral Support Payment in Scotland too.

As a spouse or civil partner of the person who has died, you may be entitled to a Bereavement Support Payment. This is a one-off, tax free payment for those who are not claiming benefits but meet the required criteria.  To find out more, see the Government information on bereavement support payments..

In July 2019, the Government launched the Child Funeral Fund for England which is a non-means tested contribution towards the cost of a funeral for a child under the age of 18 or stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy. For further details, see the Government information on child funeral costs..

For further information on Government support and benefits relating to death and bereavement, see the Government information on benefits relating to bereavement..

Charitities Providing Financial Support

There are numerous charities and benevolent societies that provide practical, emotional and financial support for the bereaved. Many are linked to trades or professions (for example, The Retail Trust), or to particular areas of focus (for example, cancer care or childhood illness). The best way to find one that might be able to help you is to search on the internet based on your particular circumstances.

The national charity TURN2US is another great source of help and information.

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