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Burial or Cremation

Some people have clear ideas about whether they would like to be buried or cremated and may have specified this in their Will, in a Letter of Wishes, or even verbally. If they have not, then either the next of kin or the executor will need to make that decision.

The following section compares the two options for burial and cremation around a number of criteria.

Non-Religious or Religious Funerals

The ceremony you choose will depend on the wishes and beliefs of the person who has died, or of those closest to them. Some people will take comfort in the traditions and rituals of their faith, others may want a non-religious ceremony that perhaps allows for greater flexibility in location and content.

It is possible to have a broadly non-religious service that incorporates some religious aspects, such as a much loved hymn or prayer, but this may depend on who is conducting or officiating the funeral ceremony and where it takes place.

Many services are centred around burial or cremation of the body, although this does not have to be the case. This section provides information on the options available and links you through to sites that can provide more detail if required.

Funeral Types

Whilst every funeral service will be as unique as the person for whom it is being held, there may be some features or elements that can be loosely gathered around ‘types’ of funeral service. Many people do not know what they need, or even what is possible or available, particularly if they would like something less ‘traditional’.

We have gathered together ideas and information that may help, not only for traditional funerals and options for something more ‘modern‘, but, for example, for those who are conscious of their ecological footprint and wish to have an eco-friendly or ‘green’ funeral, or for someone from the LGBTQ+ community.

Here, we also provide important information about funerals for a baby or child. The loss of a baby or child is devastating and trying to arrange a funeral when you are in a state of deep shock and grief can feel overwhelming. This section provides help and guidance for arranging the funeral service, and for finding both bereavement and financial support.

Other Useful Information

The following sections contain lots of helpful information about the content of the service and possible costs.

Planning Tools to Help You Gather and Share Information

The whiteballoon Checklists below provide a printable summary of the things you may need to do or think about.

Other helpful Planning Tools, such as the Ideas Folder, in which to save images and information, the Budget Planner and Attendees Form make keeping track of information and tasks so much easier.

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