Leaving Your Body to Science and Cryogenics

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Leaving Your Body to Science

We all think about and deal with death in different ways. For some, knowing that donating their body will help teach and train future healthcare workers, or aid research to improve the lives and health of future generations, is a final altruistic and positive act.

There are a number of things to consider and it may be worth discussing this decision with those closest to you. It can be some time before your body is finally released for cremation, which may be difficult for those mourning your loss and trying to come to terms with your death. It is still possible to hold a memorial service or celebration of life without your body or ashes present, but not having a final resting place to visit can be hard for those left behind. 

Anyone can leave their body to science. You will need to obtain and sign a consent form from your local medical school. For further details, please see the Government information on donating your body to science.


There are organisations both overseas and in the UK that offer the possibility of having your body cryogenically frozen. This technology is still in its infancy and has not yet been proven to work. If you are interested, it is essential that you research it thoroughly and extensively before making a decision.

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