For a Baby or Child

Organising a funeral for a baby or child

The loss of a baby or child is devastating and trying to arrange a funeral when you are in a state of deep shock and grief can feel overwhelming.

Be sure to accept the help of family and friends, who will want to do all they can to support you.

Also, there are many wonderful caring and compassionate people and organisations out there who will go above and beyond to try to carry some of the load for you too. Funeral directors, celebrants, faith leaders and bereavement professionals, whose experience and guidance can be invaluable.

Free funerals for children

At a time like this, the financial cost of a funeral can be an added burden. But again, there are people and organisations who will want to do all they can to help.

Some funeral directors, clergy and celebrants have a policy of not charging for funerals for children and for babies lost during pregnancy.

Funeral directors may cover the cost of caring for your child until the service, forgo their professional fees, and items such as a standard coffin, the hearse and some of the cremation costs.

There may be additional costs for extra items such as non-standard vehicles, coffins, floral arrangement and the wake or reception.

Help with funeral costs

Government Support

In July 2019, the Government launched the Child’s Funeral Fund for England which is a non-means tested contribution towards the cost of a funeral for a child under the age of 18 or stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy.

The Children’s Funeral Fund for England can help pay for the:

  • burial fees
  • cremation fees, including the cost of a doctor’s certificate
  • coffin, shroud or casket (up to a cost of £300)

If you have other funeral expenses, you might be able to apply for Funeral Expenses Payment to cover them. You or your partner must be getting certain benefits – check if you’re eligible for Funeral Expenses Payment.

For further details, see the Government information on child funeral costs.

Children’s charities

The Child Funeral Charity covering England and Wales provide financial support, practical advice and guidance for funerals for a baby or a child aged 16 and under. They can pay for items that are not covered under the Government fund.

You can find more general information on how to reduce costs in whiteballoon’s Funeral Costs & Financial Support.

How whiteballoon can help

Planning Tools

We have lots of lovely images and ideas in our Inspiration pages. These can be saved to a personalised Ideas Folder which can be printed out and, if you wish, shared with family, friends, your celebrant or funeral director.

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Bereavement Support

When you are ready, our Bereavement Support section has information and links to the many organisations and charities that provide help, support and advice for the bereaved.

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