Home Funerals

Who Can Have a Home Funeral?

It is possible, and increasingly popular, for funerals services to take place at home. This might be a ceremony of remembrance or celebration of life after a committal elsewhere, or a service with the ashes present.

Anyone can hold this type of ceremony and it can take whatever form they wish. Home funerals give the bereaved the opportunity to create a unique and more informal occasion that fully reflects the life and character of the person who has died, without the constraints of a traditional service.

It can feel more relaxed to be in a familiar environment, perhaps in a place that holds strong memories of the person who had died. The occasion could be cheerful, loud, somber, colourful, quiet, big, small, with music, singing, dancing, quiet reflection, etc. The choice is yours.

If it is a service with a burial at home, there are regulations and procedures that need to be followed.

Legal and Other Requirements for a Home Burial

If the home funeral includes a burial on private land, then there are a number of legal and statutory requirements that need to be met.

We provide more details about this in Burial on Private Land in the Burial or Cremation section of this website.

Further Information

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