Finding a Funeral Director

Recommendations from family or friends

Family, friends, a local GP or religious leader may be able to recommend one. Or if the funeral is being held locally, you may already know someone.

National associations and societies

Alternatively, you can find a funeral director on whiteballoon in the Providers section or using the search facility above. Many, but not all, are members of either the The Society of Allied and Independent Funderal Directors (SAIF) or the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) who both have their own codes of conduct and compliant procedures. The Association of Green Funeral Directors encourages funeral directors to become more ‘green-minded’ and are helping to bring natural funerals in to the main stream.

The quality, style and cost of the services offered vary enormously so it is advisable to speak to more than one. Also, before committing, it is best to meet them to go through their prices and quotation. 

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