Catering for a Memorial Service

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Organising Refreshments

Family and Friends

Family and friends are often only too pleased to help with the catering, and this can also help to keep costs down. Some venues may be able to organise the catering for you. The extent and type of food will be dependent on your wishes, budget and the venue and can vary from simple sandwiches and cakes to more elaborate buffets.

Appointing a Caterer

If you would like to appoint a caterer or an event planner to assist you, please visit Caterers Inspiration and Caterers & Planners Providers sections of whiteballoon.

Numbers Attending

To help you to keep track of numbers for catering and planning purposes, you may like to use our free Attendees form in Planning Tools.

Glasses and Tableware

Depending on the number of people attending the memorial service and post-service gathering, where they are being held and what food and drinks you are serving, you may need to borrow or hire tables and chairs, tablecloths, glasses, cups and saucers, plates and cutlery. Some venues will be able to provide these for you.

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