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Why Have Flowers?

Flowers lift people’s spirits and provide softness and colour in a room. They can be anything from simple, hand-picked in jam jars, possibly from the garden of a family member or friend, to a more elaborate displays supplied by a local florist.

The type of flowers will depend on the wishes of the deceased and their family, their budget, and possibly the season. Flowers may be needed for both the service and for the gathering afterwards, if there is one, and can be moved between the two.

Depending on where the memorial service is taking place, the venue may be able to organise them for you.

There is lots more information about the meaning and significance of different flower in Choosing Flowers. Or if you would like inspiration for different types and styles of flowers or to find a local florist, please visit the Flowers & Plants sections in Inspiration and Providers, or use the search facility above.

How whiteballoon Can Help

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This can be printed out and, if you wish, shared with family, friends, your celebrant or funeral director.

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