Informing Family and Friends

Ways to Let People Know

A memorial service brings together family, friends and colleagues some time after the funeral has taken place. It may be that the family want a small, more intimate funeral where they can grieve privately, but still wish to give others a chance to say goodbye and remember the person.

Holding a memorial service at a later date gives people more time to make the necessary plans to attend, particularly if they are travelling from further afield. It also gives greater flexibility in terms of location, particularly if a large number of people are expected. There are a number of ways to let people know about the service.

By Telephone, Email or Word of Oouth

Some people may be directly informed of the service by phone or email, or be told by family and friends.

In an obituary or Announcement of Death

Placing an obituary or announcement or death in a newspaper means that it can reach a wide audience, although few people these days check these printed notices.

Post a Printed Card

Alternatively a printed card or postcard with details of the service can be sent by post. It can be nice to include a photograph of the person.

Social Media or Online Platforms

Social media has certainly made it quicker and easier to let people know the details of when and where a service is taking place.

There are a number of platforms that enable people to post details of the death and the date of the service. Please see Digital Memorials & Digital Legacy.

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