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Where Can I Hold a Memorial Service?

A memorial service can be held in any location, depending on the wishes of the deceased or preferences and requirements of their family or friends.

The number of people expected, your budget and the time of year may have a bearing on where you choose, as well as where those coming to pay their respects may be travelling from (good transport connections, etc).

Here are some possible locations:

A Place of Worship

Like a funeral, a memorial service can be held at a place of worship. The content of the service can be very similar to a funeral, with readings, prayers, hymns, etc.

At Home

At home or at the home of a close family member or a friend. It can be stressful and time-consuming getting the house ready and preparing refreshments if you are serving them, so make sure you enlist the help of family and friends.

If you need extra space and you have an outdoor area, you could set up a tent or marquee in the garden.

In a Local Pub or Hotel

A favourite pub or a local hotel might have a reception room or space to hold a service.

In a Village Hall or Community Centre

Village halls and community centres usually have plenty of space and parking and most have kitchens attached if you wish to serve refreshments after the service.

At a Private Club or Local Sports Centre

If the person had a favourite hobby or sport, then this might be a good place to hold a memorial service. Most clubs and sports centres have catering facilities too.

Outdoors in the Open Air

Perhaps a gathering outdoors, in a special place such as a meadow, woodland clearing or on a beach. Being close to nature, perhaps somewhere that the person loved, can be a lovely way to feel close to them.

Think about accessibility and what you will do in case of bad weather.

Finding a Suitable Location

The main thing is to choose somewhere that feels right for you and your family. You can view ideas in the Funeral Reception & Wake Venues Inspiration section and find venues in Providers.

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