Music for a Memorial Service

Music at the Service

A memorial service can be very much like a funeral service, with hymns, singing and live music.

Music is an essential aspect of most cultures and societies. It has the power to bring people together and helps us to express ourselves.  Music can be calming, uplifting, rousing, moving, joyful and sorrowful.  Finding the right music for a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life can be hard.

Where is the service going to be held?

The location and type of funeral will have a bearing on the choice of music.  If it is being held in a place of worship, the faith leader will need to approve your selection.  The same applies if the service is being taken by a member of the clergy in another location, such as a crematorium, although often there is more flexibility here.

If it is a civil ceremony with a celebrant leading the service, then almost anything is possible, so long as it is respectful and appropriate.

Reflect the Life and Musical Loves of the Person

It is lovely to include music that meant something to the person who you are remembering. Did they love opera, rock music, classical? Do you want hymns or other songs that those present can sing along to? Or an original recording of a favourite song?

The Impact of a Live Performance

A live performance by a musician or singer can be beautiful and moving. It might be a harpist or pianist, or even the soulful melodies of the bagpipes.

How whiteballoon Can Help

We have gathered together a carefully curated selection in our Inspiration section. Here you can listen to audio clips and read lyrics. Please visit HymnsClassical Music and Contemporary Music for ideas and inspiration.

If you would like to have songs or music performed or played by a professional musician, please visit Singers & Musician Providers to connect to artists who perform throughout the UK.

Personalised Ideas Folder

Items and images from our Inspiration pages can be saved to a personalised Ideas Folder in our Planning Tools section. All our Planning Tools are free to use. Just Register to securely save information to your folder.

This can be printed out and, if you wish, shared with family, friends, your celebrant or funeral director.

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