How soon does the funeral take place?

This will vary depending on the type of service, but a funeral usually takes place about a week or two after a person dies. This allows time for all of the arrangements to be made and for family and friends to organise their travel plans.

Availability at the funeral location and of the key people involved, such as the celebrant or faith leader, is another factor. Some crematoria offer lower charges for the less popular times of day.

There may be other reasons why the funeral has to be delayed, for example if there is a post mortem, in which case it will be necessary to wait until the body is released.

Religious considerations

Some religions specify that the service takes place within a certain time (see Religious Funerals), so the burial or cremation will need to be booked as soon as possible to make sure that you get a suitable date.

If you are appointing a funeral director they will be able to help you, or you can search for Funeral Locations on whiteballoon.

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