Choosing Memorial

Ways to Commemorate a Life

There are many different ways to commemorate the life of a loved one. Depending on your wishes, or those of your loved one, a memorial can be anything from a traditional, inscribed, upright stone to a garden bench or a tree planted in their name.

Fixed Memorials

A memorial can be something fixed, such as a headstone, a lawn memorial (an upright stone that has a personal inscription), wall plaque in a crematoria or traditional stone barrow, memorial kerb stone bordering a path in a garden of remembrance, or a garden bench located in a special place. Sometimes, although more unusually, buildings are funded or built in a person’s memory (a library or school building).

For ideas and suppliers, see Stonemasons & Memorials on the Inspiration and Provider pages.

Trees & Shrubs

A tree or shrub planted in a loved one’s name, with or without a plaque, is a popular choice. Small trees and shrubs, depending on their size, can be planted in large pots so that they can be transported if a family moves home.

For ideas and suppliers, see Flowers & Plants on the Inspiration and Provider pages.

A Book of Remembrance or Service Book

In most crematoria, there is a Book of Remembrance and the pages are turned daily so that names for a particular day will be on display on every anniversary. In places of worship, a service book with a dedication inside the cover can provide a lovely memorial that is used by others.

Keepsakes and Jewellery

Commissioning an item of jewellery or artwork can be a lovely way to remembering a loved one and keep them close. You can find both traditional and more unusual ideas on our Personal Touches & Keepsakes Inspiration page, as well as links to Providers.

Digital Memorials

On-line memorials are increasingly popular and there are lots of companies and platforms that can help you to curate these. They enable friends and family to contribute and access photographs, tributes and videos and are a lovely way of gathering and sharing memories.

Go to our Digital Memories Inspiration and Digital Memories & Digital Legacy Providers pages to see examples and ideas or to connect to companies that offer these services.

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