Deciding What the Deceased Will Wear

Dressing the Deceased

Whether or not you have a viewing or an open casket, most people like to make sure that their loved one is dressed well.

The person who has died may have decided which outfit they would like to be buried in. Their wishes may have been conveyed verbally or in a Letter of Wishes.

If not, it is up to the next of kin or family members to decide. Sometimes, families choose to leave this decision up to the funeral director.

This is a very personal choice. Some people are dressed in their favourite clothes, whilst others decide to buy new clothes – the main thing, if they have not made their wishes known, is to choose something that you feel your loved one would have liked.

The only restrictions to consider are any religious or cultural customs (check with your local religious leaders) and some crematoriums do not allow certain fabrics or materials.

Considerations for Someone from the LGBTQ+ Community

For some people from the LGBTQ+ community there may be added anxiety around how they are dressed. Most funeral directors will want to comply with someone’s wishes and all good funeral directors follow best practice and codes around confidentiality.

If someone wishes to be dressed with their prosthetics they can do so, as long as the materials comply with the usual restrictions for burial or cremation.

For more information, please go to LGBTQ+ in our Funeral Types section.

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