Order of Service

What is an Order of Service?

An Order of Service is a printed sheet with information about the content of the service and the names of those involved.

Preparing the order of service can provide a helpful structure for arranging the funeral. If you are appointing a vicar, priest or celebrant, they can assist with this.

If you are preparing it yourself do check your thoughts and ideas with whoever is taking the service just to ensure that they are happy with what you have planned.

Things to consider for the Order of Service:

  • an appropriate and available date for the funeral
  • the type of service (traditional, modern or non-religious)
  • the location of the funeral
  • who will conduct the service
  • the arrangements for the burial or cremation
  • the choice of hymnsmusicreadings and prayers
  • who will give the eulogy
  • the arrangements for the reception after the funeral
  • whether to ask for a donation or a retiring collection for a particular charity instead of flowers  

What to Include in the Order of Service

Front page:

  • photo of the deceased
  • their full name and the name they were typically known by
  • date of birth and date of their death
  • datetime and location of the service

Middle pages:

  • welcome and introduction and name of the Officient (Vicar, Priest, Celebrant or other)
  • details of songsmusic and musicians (words are usually listed in bold for reference)
  • prayers and hymns (words are usually listed in bold for reference)
  • who will be presenting the eulogy or tribute
  • readings (with or without words) and who will be giving them
  • photo or collage of family photos
  • meaningful or favourite quotations
  • Blessing

Final page:

  • photo or photos
  • departing music
  • expressions of thanks to those who have attended the funeral and provided support
  • a meaningful or favourite quotation
  • any preference of charities for donations 
  • details of the location of the reception that follows the service
  • details of, and thanks to, the Funeral Director or Funeral Company

For ideas and examples of style and design, please see our funeral stationery Stationery for Funerals Inspiration section.  Creating an Ideas Folder enables you to save all the content (readings, music, etc) in one place and to share it with those involved in producing the order of service.

If you have appointed a funeral director they can arrange the printing, or you will find both local and on-line printing companies in the Stationery for Funerals Providers section of whiteballoon. If the number attending is not too high, some people choose to print the order of service themselves to keep costs down.

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