What is a Pallbearer?

The pallbearers are the people who carry the coffin to and from the service.

Typically, six pallbearers are used to carry or escort a coffin, although depending on the weight you may require a different number.

Some people choose not to have a procession and instead arrange for the coffin to be quietly placed inside the church, chapel or crematorium, ready for when mourners arrive.

Who Are the Pallbearers?

Your Funeral Director may be able to provide professional pallbearers for you. Alternatively, you can ask family and friends.

Both men and women can be pallbearers and it is a lovely opportunity for them to take an active part in the funeral. When choosing from family and friends, bear in mind how the coffin will be carried (on shoulders, at waist height, or on a wheel bier – a small trolly) and also the distance from the hearse to where the service is taking place.

If it is to be borne on the shoulders of the pallbearers, choosing people of a similar height will be important. If the coffin will be placed on a wheel bier, then height, strength and distance is less important.

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