Who WillOfficiate the Funeral?

Choosing Who Will Lead the Service

Who leads the funeral service will depend on the type of ceremony and the location.

A Religious or Faith-based Service

If you would like a traditional religious funeral, a vicar, priest or other religious leader can officiate (lead the service). Contact the place of worship of the person who has died to discuss the options.

A Non-religious (secular) Service

Civil celebrants are happy to conduct a service with either no religious content at all, or with some religious content such as prayers, hymns and readings.

Humanist Celebrants focus on celebrating the life of the person who has died and they will aim to conduct a service that captures and reflects the deceaced’s unique character and personality. Generally, religious elements are not included in these services, however some Humanist Celebrants are open to doing so.

A Family Member or Friend

Unless it is in a place of worship, anyone can lead the service. It might be a family member, friend, or colleague. The service can be designed to reflect the wishes of the family or the deceased and doesn’t have to follow a set format.

For more information on different types of ceremony, see Funeral Options.

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