Dealing with the Possessions of a Loved One

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Sorting Belongings

It is lovely if relatives and friends can choose a treasured item that will remind them of the person they have lost. However, often relatives simply don’t have the space to keep everything. 

It can be a long, emotional and time-consuming task going through what is left behind, but it can often provoke wonderful memories and help with coming to terms with the fact that they have gone.

Finding a Home for Possessions

Here are some suggestions for what you might do with possessions that you are unable to keep. Hopefully they will find a useful life and bring pleasure to others.  

  • family & friends – if you are able, take photos of larger items and circulate to family and friends. It is lovely if possessions can go to someone familiar who knows their history
  • charities – many charities now take larger items as well as smaller. It can bring comfort knowing that someone else will benefit from your donations
  • auction houses – antiques, paintings, silverware and other valuable items can be valued and sold by an auction house
  • on-line – if you have the time and the energy you can post items on-line for sale
  • Funeral Directors – some Funeral Directors offer a clearance service
  • house clearance companies – once you have removed items you wish to keep or pass on, a house clearance company can take everything else away. They tend to charge by the van load. Make sure the company you use is licensed, insured and environmentally friendly.
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