Condolence Cards & Gifts

Sending a condolence message, card or gift is a lovely way to let someone who is bereaved know that they are in your thoughts. A card with words of support or treasured memories of the person who has died can be kept and reread at a later date. Gifts, whether they are practical, pampering or memorial, remind the person that they are not alone.

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Angel & Dove

Angel & Dove

Angel & Dove is an online shop selling contemporary funeral and sympathy goods designed to celebrate life, love and individuality. From candles to condolence books, funeral favours, remembrance balloons, sympathy gifts and hampers, we are passionate about creating products that enable families to celebrate and remember their loved one in a way that feels right for them. Whether it's by decorating a venue with balloons in their favourite colour, or by creating a memory table where guests can gather to share stories that can be passed on to future generations... we've created a collection of thoughtful items to help make the saddest of occasions beautiful, personal and memorable.

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