Financial Planners & Digital Lockers

Planning ahead and getting your affairs in order can be reassuring for both you and your loved ones. Sorting out your finances is sensible no matter what your stage in life. Gathering everything together in one 'digital locker', including personal videos and messages as well as practical documents, means everything is there when needed.

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Aura Life Ltd

Aura Life Ltd

Death is inevitable for us all, yet talking about it and managing it effectively is extremely hard for people and those close to them. Aura is a tech for good platform that enables you to celebrate life and manage death. Having conversations about death is the biggest taboo of our time. The practical and emotional consequences of not preparing for end of life are huge. The Aura Solution Aura's mission is to fundamentally change the way we approach death. Discussing and managing the death process has huge benefits for people and those around them. The platform has a wealth of features including the ability to document wishes and practical information to loved ones, collaboratively curate a life story and to leave heartfelt messages to those who mean the most. There is also a knowledge hub and expert support and advice.

Beattie Lockton Family Wealth

Beattie Lockton Family Wealth

In times of difficulty, financial planners play a crucial role in your life, ensuring that your affairs are in order, in a way that is right for you and your family.

Through many years of experience, we have learned that every situation and circumstance is unique. It is our role therefore to empathise with your situation, listen to your deepest concerns, identify with the person you are and understand the values you and your family stand for.

We can then work with you and your family to ensure that you have comfort, confidence and clarity in money matters and leave behind a legacy as you intended.

If you would like our assistance or simply some guidance, please contact Lee Westley, founder of Beattie Lockton Family Wealth.

We are working hard to bring you Providers in your area.

In the meantime, we hope you find the Information, Inspiration and Planning tools helpful.

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"It is so thoughtful, all encompassing and brilliantly simple to follow"

- Ann G -

"It is very calming and unassuming. Somehow a very safe place for people"

- Lucy H -

"There is so much you don't know you need to know about before a death happens!"

- Bridget A -

"It feels like a friend is holding your hand and guiding you through"

- Miranda A -

"It's calming yet so uplifting and inspiring"

- Simona B -

"I only wish the site had been around when I lost my father"

- Annely W -