Live Streaming, Photography & Videography

Recording and live-streaming the funeral means that those not able to attend can still be part of the service. For those who prefer a still image, a photographer can discreetly capture precious moments and memories. Compilations of a life in pictures or videos, perhaps set to music and played at a funeral, are a wonderful way of remembering a life well lived.

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Grand Tour Media

Grand Tour Media

Celebrating the joys of people’s contribution to those around them. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands.
Rated highly around the West Midlands, Grand Tour Media Funeral Live Streaming and Videography Services caters for individuals and funeral companies.
With the rise of covid especially, live streaming at funerals is becoming more and more desired to be able to share the ceremony with your loved ones who would otherwise have attended.
Live streams can be set as invitation only or open to the public at your discretion. A fully bespoke web page will be prepared for you beforehand on which the stream can be viewed by anyone around the world with internet access to view in real time.

Funeral Streaming

Funeral Streaming

Owned and run by two brothers Ben and Matthew, we’ve brought our 15 years of live-streaming and videography expertise to help hundreds of families stay connected. Our friendly team will work with you to take the weight off of your shoulders and ensure those who cannot be there on the day, have the next best alternative.

Live-streaming options start at just £95 and our funeral videography starts at £645.

- Discreet, professional and respectful.
- Bespoke private viewing page for live-streams.
- Professional grade video and audio.
- Reliable live-streaming with 4G bonding, even in areas with poor signal.
- We use our own internet and power sources.
- Over 150 five star reviews.

We have a team of professionals based all over the UK to ensure we can travel to wherever you need us. Get in touch today to see how we could help you.



StreamWorks is a family business offering broadcast quality funeral live streaming at most locations across the UK. We provide our own internet connection using multiple 4G networks and if 4G is not available we can provide satellite connectivity to ensure maximum reliability.

Our team regularly work in television which guarantees a professional and reliable service.

"The live streaming worked better than my wildest dreams and gave so many people so much pleasure as a celebration of our mum's wonderful life."

Andy Wade Photography

Andy Wade Photography

The professional funeral photography and videography services I offer are bespoke, built entirely around the wishes of the individuals and family. They are performed with discretion, respect and confidence. All photography services start with a meeting to discuss the approach that the family and individuals would like.
As well as elements of the day, of the processions and the service, funeral photography can also capture a place of special significance away from the service itself. These, together with other personal photographs, farewell messages and memorabilia can be made into a special book or memorial. 

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