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We provide a platform for the many wonderful organisations within the funeral and end of life sectors throughout the UK, connecting them quickly and easily to those who are in need of their products and services.

We offer a 1 month free trial when you join whiteballoon, then the Annual Subscription is just £192 per year (£16 per month) or the Monthly Subscription is £20 per month.


Overview of Benefits

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A clear, calm, contemporary website, carefully designed to be quick and easy to follow, with multiple access points linking your customers directly to you.

Concise, logical and holistic, whiteballoon enables people to navigate a path through unfamiliar ground in a more relaxed and unpressured way.

Personalised Ideas Folders enable users to collate, save, print out and share information, including provider profiles and favourite products and services. 


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Communicate your story through a 150-word advertisement, including a photograph, key information and a direct link to your website.

Showcase your company and products with beautiful images on our Inspiration Wall and sector Inspiration pages.

Social media posts, blogs, 'Whiteballoon Insights' and our Newsletter keep you and our users up-to-date on developments and innovations within the industry.


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Recognising the time-sensitive aspect of planning a funeral, whiteballoon helps your customers to find you quickly and easily, often at a time when they need your services straight away.

Direct links from your advertisement, the Inspiration Wall and sector Inspiration pages make it simple for your customers to make contact.

Our comprehensive search facillity allows users to search for providers by name, sector, and area or postcode.






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Extensive marketing through traditional media outlets - radio, television and printed materials in appropriate locations such as doctors surgeries, hospitals, hospices, florists etc.

An active presence on social media - we welcome photographs and articles from the Whiteballoon community for inclusion on both our website and social media platforms.


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whiteballoon is a dynamic site and we are constantly reviewing, evolving and up-dating its content.

Links to topical articles and stories, both in the news and submitted by providers, will keep people informed about the latest developments in this field and ensure that whiteballoon is both current and relevant.  


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Having a presence on whiteballoon is an extremely cost-effective and efficient way to raise awareness of your organisation and to reach out to people who are in need of your products and services.

We want to be sure that you are happy with whiteballoon, so we offer a 1 month free trial period when you sign up.

Stripe, our payment provider, will send a reminder 7 days before payment is due.  You can amend or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in and updating your details in MY PLAN.



Join us now - 4 simple steps

1. Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and then validate your registration via the email we send you.

2.Go to 'MY PLAN' and choose from either our discounted Annual Plan or Monthly subscription plan. Prices per advertisement are as follows:



Select the total number of adverts you require, press SUBMIT and you will be taken through to Stripe, our payment provider.

Stripe send a reminder 7 days before payment is due, at which time you can amend your payment plan if you wish to do so. 

3. You will the be taken to 'MY ADVERTISEMENT' where you can input and Upload your Company details and chosen image (see below).

4. Your advertisement will be reviewed and go live within 2 business days, at which time you will receive a confirmation email. We will contact you if we have any queries (please see our Terms & Conditions for further information).

Please remember to keep your information and images up to date. All changes will be reviewed before appearing on the site.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call our team on 0203 904 4848.

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A Upload a photo that best reflects your company or its products. This must be a png or jpeg file, dimensions 500 x 300 pixels.

B Please enter all relevant company details.

C Please describe your company in approximately 150 words, giving a clear representation of the services or products you offer.

D A google map link will allow you to display your location.


Customers can quickly and easily save your file to their Ideas Folder by clicking on the heart. They can also link straight through to your website by clicking on your web address.

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